The Friends, by Rosa Guy, is the first book of a trilogy. The Friends is a novel about a little girl who lived in the sunlit West Indies island and moved to New. Phyllisia Cathy--She is fourteen. Her problems seem overwhelming: New York, after life on her sunlit West Indies island, is cold, cruel and filthy. So far the book is problems seem overwhelming i think she is lonely she only wants Edith but why can she make other friends?? Rosa Cuthbert Guy (September 1, – June 3, ) was a Trinidad-born American writer Her trilogy of novels for young people — The Friends, Ruby, and Edith Jackson — is based on her own personal experiences, as well as those of.


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Her knowledge of school is zero.


She has no parents, she swears and she steals. Her father is loud-mouthed and overbearing.

The Friends by Rosa Guy | Scholastic

Her mother is sick, dying. Her sister, Ruby, is sixteen and pre-occupied with herself.

Phyllisia is fourteen and would like a little freedom, but it is all very different from The Island where she lived before. It's difficult to see exactly what Phyllisia has against Edith.

The Friends

Ruby, published intells the story of a young the friends by rosa guy seeking love and friendship ,who finds it in Daphne Duprey, allowing both girls a new insight of relationships and love. His family does not approve of Desiree, for she is too black and too poor for their son who will be king.

Concepts of sacrifice and pure love reign throughout the novel. The show's original cast ran for a year, the friends by rosa guy toand was then revived in December at Circle in the Square Theater. Bird at My Window London: The story centers around Phyllisia, a young girl from the West Indies who has just moved to Harlem.

The Friends Summary & Study Guide

Phylissia is intelligent and strong willed. The main character in "Friends" is Phyllisia Cathay, a sensitive, intelligent young teen from the West Indies who is having trouble adjusting to life in Harlem.

Phyllisia becomes jealous when Carter comes in the door. Carter forces Edith out of the house because she is poor and he the friends by rosa guy not want his family to be seen with someone of her social class.

The Friends Summary & Study Guide

She tells Phyllisia that she will regret her behavior later in life. She becomes extremely ill and can hardly walk. Ruby was diligent in taking care of her sister, but Calvin resents the attention that Phyllisia is receiving.

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