Frequently asked time and work questions or problems with solutions, shortcuts, formulas for all important competitive exams like bank, interviews. Learn and. Learn the important concepts and tricks to solve questions based on time and work. You will also get to know about time and work formulae. Some important facts are needed for Time and Work Methods. This type of problem are given in Quantitative Aptitude which is a very essential paper in banking exam. Time and Work shortcut tricks are very important thing to know for your exams.


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We provide more problems regularly focusing students preparing for banking, railway and SSC Exams. Write down twenty math problems related to this topic on a page.

Do first ten maths using basic formula of this math topic. You also need to keep track of the time.

Time and Work Problems | Formulas and Tips- Hitbullseye

After time and work all ten math questions write down total time taken by you to solve those questions. Now read our examples on time and work shortcut tricks and practice few questions.

After doing this go back to the remaining ten questions and solve those using shortcut methods. Again keep track of Timing. This time you will surely see improvement in your timing.

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But this is not all you need. Analogy with Time-Speed-Distance Problem on work are based on the application of concept of ratio of time and speed. Work is always considered as a whole or one. You simply need to get into the habit of time and work this shortcut method for time and work, as it is easier to solve mentally.


This will save you precious time during the exam.

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