The TMS configuration includes: Configuring Transport Domain dialog box is displayed: You define which SAP Systems in your system landscape form a transport domain, and which SAP System is to be the transport domain controller. Knowledge/Experience of configuring Transport Management System(TMS) is most important skill for SAP basis administrators/consultants. This tutorial explains how to configure SAP TMS (Transport Management System),Now we need to configure TMS between these two systems.


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A transport group is one or more systems that share a common transport directory. Transport Domain — comprises all the systems and the transport routes in the landscape. Landscape, Group, and Domain are the terms that are used synonymously by system administrators.

TMS Configuration Step 1: If there is no Domain Controller already, a system will prompt you to create one.

When the Transport Domain is created for the first time, following activities happen in the background: Change requests locks the objects and the locks are release once the change requests tms configuration in sap released.

It is tms configuration in sap to copy the change requests bw clients in the same systems for unit testing before they are released.

How to Configure STMS (SAP Transport Management System)

It is used for client specific objects. It is a transport protocol which is used to export the change requests and import transport requests.


Release of change requests are performed by developers and functional consultants and once change request is released it is referred as Tms configuration in sap. Buffer directory is created to host all the transport definitions [address of change requests] Transport request number, name of the owner and time stamp NOTE-: Virtual system name and real system name should be same.

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If they differ then all the change requests have to be added manually. It is used to provide the configuration file for domain controller and TP profile parameters. It is used by TP to transport the objects bw the systems.


It specifies the profile, exe locations along with TP version. It is used to address the transport requests based on the systems in the landscape. Each system in the landscape contains to identify their requests.

The transport requests can be added manually by using command. It is a data file where the actual changes are available. Cofiles and tms configuration in sap Datafiles are must to transport an object.

It has happened with me. I have done this experiment at my home.

Step-by-step procedure to configure TMS - 3 System Landscape in an SAP system

I have done all the experiments related to TMS using 3 physical systems landscape, i. Development, Quality and Production. The password is the same which you have selected while installation of ECC 6.

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