This grammar exercise tests your ability to use tenses correctly. Complete the following sentences with an appropriate tense form. lessons and exercises > English test # Correct form of the verbs The correct form of a verb depends on the word before the verb, the tense of the. test verb translate: testować, badać, testować, sprawdzać, testować, egzaminować, wystawiać na próbę. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Polish Dictionary.


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In the category of English Vocabulary Tests, you will see tests of to be verb english test vocabulary knowledge and tests on most popular vocabulary usage. And in the category of Miscellaneous English Tests, there are several tests on different usage of English language such as reading comprehension, dialogue completion, paragraph summarizing, proverbs, idioms, slang, etc.

He never eats pizza.

Tenses – Test on English tenses

Comparatives How to compare equal things and different things and notice the difference. Practise sentences with comparations. She is not as smart as her siblings, but she tries hard. Those clothes are much more expensive than I expected.

English Exercises: The verb TO BE

The worst thing I have ever done is… Conditionals Hypothetical situations in past — be able to identify them. Practise the difference between them and hypothetical wishes.

Conditional sentences in the future. Practise and learn how to use special zero conditional and wish sentences.

Learning English

If I were you, I would do it. When I grow older, I will work for the environment.

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  • Reporting verbs

Conjunctions Conjunctions join two sentences together into one longer sentence. A young mother was leading her son to kindergarten because he was three years old already.

While cooking the dinner, she heard loud noise from the cellar.

Correct form of the verbs

Future tenses Learn how to talk about the future. See if to be verb english test is a way how to decide quickly and choose the correct future tense.

Differentiate short and long term actions in future and practise their differences. Learn how to use future perfect.

Practise continuous activities for the future. I will be playing tennis this time tomorrow. My family is going to find a new place for living soon.

Irregular verbs

Idioms Idioms are various sayings, proverbs and fixed expressions. Practise how and when you can use them.


He who laughs last, laughs best. I want to do. Then you can compare your score to the SGI language level chart.

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