After forgiving each other, the boys see the Spirit Bear together. Cole gives Peter the , a ''symbol of friendship'' Garvey had given him when he first arrived on the island, and Peter helps Cole finish his totem carving. The characters in Touching Spirit Bear are different and unique, with their own ways of doing things and handling situations. There are 4 main. Complete summary of Ben Mikaelsen's Touching Spirit Bear. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Touching Spirit Bear.


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He is equally disdainful of a bear too stupid to run when attacked. It is just his luck to end up on an island full of stupid animals, he thinks.

Touching Spirit Bear Summary & Study Guide

When he tries to move, he finds he cannot. His breathing is labored because of his touching spirit bear summary ribs, and he looks at his mangled, useless right arm and hand. One of the bones is visible, and his hand is not only swelling with hundreds of thistles but is facing the wrong way.

In his hand is a chunk of white fur; he stuffs it into his pocket as a souvenir of his victory over the dumb creature.

Touching Spirit Bear : Summary

Serves both of them right, he thinks. Cole cannot move, and he curses his helplessness and wishes for a jail cell. There he would have had some control; here, he is powerless.

There is no one to blame and no one to control. He squashes a caterpillar inching toward him just to feel like he can control something, but the tears come nevertheless.

He watches a sparrow fly to a nest in the tree above him; soon it leaves and returns with bits of food in its beak to feed the hungry babies in the nest. If he were whole, Cole would knock the nest out of the tree; the stupid birds do not deserve to touching spirit bear summary sheltered, protected, and cared for by a parent.

He was not touching spirit bear summary thinks they should not be more fortunate than he.


None of his life is his fault, and his anger and bitterness about this keeps his mind focused though his body is still freezing and wracked with pain.

Cole finally drifts into an unconscious state and dreams that he is sleeping under the warm at. He wakes up only when he hears touching spirit bear summary sharp cracks of thunder around him.

He raises his head enough to look around; touching spirit bear summary a flash of lightning, he sees the white bear standing motionless only fifty feet away. Suddenly he hears a horrendous crack, feels a tremendous crash, and smells something acrid and burning.

When he wakes at dawn, he sees that the gigantic spruce tree that had absorbed his attention just hours before has fallen mere feet from his head, felled by lightning during the storm.

It takes him several moments to focus. He is on the edge of living or dying, and he must decide which direction he will go. Then he remembers the nest of baby sparrows that had been in the tree, and he is concerned about touching spirit bear summary happened to them.

Touching Spirit Bear Summary -

He still cannot move, and his helplessness settles in on him. The mosquitoes and the horseflies are attacking him and he cannot defend himself against them. He wants to be angry and hate someone, but that takes energy he does touching spirit bear summary have.

Besides, he has no one to blame.

Touching Spirit Bear Summary & Study Guide

His gaze settles again on the blackened tree, and something about it seems important. Then he remembers the nest and looks again to see if he can find it.

He finally spies the four dead baby sparrows, struggling to make it back to touching spirit bear summary nest even as they were dying.

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