The toughest part of enduring a week of Navy SEAL team training for VCU guard Darius Theus hasn't been the push-ups, the obstacle courses. Learn how to implement the Havoc full court press with run full court press are team USA's Don Showalter and VCU's Shaka Smart. Virginia Commonwealth runs its own brand of smothering defense, to the Havoc press in , when Smart took V.C.U. to the Final Four.


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So where do all these turnovers come from?

8 Drills for building the Shaka Smart 1-2-1-1 “Havoc” full court press

This answer cannot be portrayed by stats. It is something you would only be able to see on film. The Rams play vcu havoc defense a fast pace. So fast that their vcu havoc defense are often in shock of how fast they play, even their centers can move up and down the court with ease.

Only a well-conditioned team can play at such a furious defensive pace.


VCU relies on rattling the opponents into creating their own misfortunes. Sloppy play is the one thing that makes the defense click. Weaker of the 2 wings in regard to defending on the ball.


Must exert patience when the ball is reversed, hence, player who find it difficult to vcu havoc defense hard for extended spurts fit nicely here.

Anticipation should be better than 3 since this player will play more passes than the other wing. Quickness and anticipation are of great value at this spot. Must protect the basket, normally, and become adept at defensive faking stunting and buying time for team mates to recover in defensive transition.

Must communicate with teammates at this player can see the entire press attack of the opponent. All the other players must make sure the ball does not get inbounded to the middle. Once the ball gets inbounded, both the mad man and 3 must trap the ball handler.

Force the ball handler to pick up the ball and then immediately close the space to force the ball handler to pivot. The goal is not to steal the ball vcu havoc defense the first pass but on the 2nd pass. DO NOT trap 1 in vcu havoc defense middle because it is difficult to trap in the middle of the floor and if they pass to 2, the press is broken.

VCU Havoc Defense |

If they vcu havoc defense the ball to the opposite 2, then immediately trap. Ideally you want to trap around the half court line area and use the baseline as an extra defender.

Practice trapping and not letting vcu havoc defense ball handler split the defense or beat the defenders down the sideline. Force the ball handler middle. Instructions 2 defenders at free throw line, offense on baseline.


If ball handler reaches halfway line, the closest defender plays 1 on 1 for remainder of the half. This drill simulates that.

Instructions Ball handler tries to beat 2 defenders.

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