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In a Nutshell Who among us hasn't been plagued with a serious case of angst?

For teenagers, it seems par for the course all those raging hormones, OMG. But it's especially true for the two main characters in John Green's hilarious and heart-breaking cancer-kid novel, The Fault in Our Stars.


Brought to us by a master of young adult weeffout in onze sterren, The Fault in Our Stars will have you laughing, weeping, and perhaps even depressed for a few days after you read it. Don't say we didn't warn you. Hazel Grace is just a normal teenager who is bored with life and likes to quote philosophers no big deal when she meets Augustus, a grade A hottie.

Een Weeffout In Onze Sterren.

It would be your typical teenage-girl-meets-boy story if it weren't for the particulars of how they meet: Hazel and Augustus first lay eyes on each other at a support group weeffout in onze sterren kids with cancer.

This is a love story in the bleakest sense. Usually when teenagers fall for each other, it's all exhilaration and excitement and promises of forever. But even though Hazel Grace and Augustus experience that kind of giddy obsession with each other and trust us, it's pretty freakin' cutetheir relationship is, well, a little complicated by their medical statuses.

You weeffout in onze sterren, they live in an era where they've been able to slow the progress of their tumours, but not totally get rid of them.

Een Weeffout In Onze Sterren. – Site Title

So for kids like Hazel Grace and Augustus, the future is one big question mark. More than anything, this book is about coming to terms with your own mortality.

All the characters in the book handle it in different ways: In the end, no way is right or wrong. And no way is easy.

Een weeffout in onze sterren

So pick up your own tear-stained, dog-eared copy of The Fault in Our Stars and let's fall in love, cry, and learn from all the trials and tribulations that come with dying Why should I care? This might as well be a question that's asked by the book's narrator, Hazel Grace.

Weeffout in onze sterren frankly, Hazel doesn't see much of a point in life or leaving a mark on the world. But even if she remains passive, life still happens to her.


And that's where all the interesting stuff starts to happen. John Green strives to show us all the messy, wonderful, and utterly surprising things that can happen in a life, even if you're not actively seeking out any adventures.

Hazel Grace's life is far from perfect, even when she meets the dreamboat Augustus and falls madly in love with him.

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