If you don't have a Pixologic Account, be sure to create one, so you can log in, bookmark videos, and create a custom learning playlist! ZBrush. Getting Started. Modeling Basics. Z-Rhino. This section is about the basics of modeling in ZBrush. Explore the pages below to learn all you need to know about working with. I created this introductory course on ZBrushCore for and Linkedin Learning where I'll take you step by step through the process of creating and.


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For example, I use ZBrush mostly for concept art and illustration. At first the ZBrush interface can be a bit overwhelming, even if you have prior knowledge with other 3D software.

Best ZBrush Tutorials & Video Courses For Teaching Yourself

It is a great introductory software designed for anyone new to the world of 3D sculpting. I have put together a series of very short videos on how to get started with ZBrushCore, that will help you understand some important concepts to get you sculpting within minutes.

Zbrush tutorials for beginners HERE to learn more.


Check out this tutorial series! Learning ZBrushCore course If you like to challenge yourself and would like to explore the features of ZBrushCorea a bit more thoroughly, this course is for you.

ZClassroom Lessons - Beginner

I created this introductory course on ZBrushCore for Lynda. In the course, you have access to exercise files and I also show you a simple workflow what gives you great results.


Create A Fantasy Character in ZBrush If you feel up to a real challenge then bookmark this tutorial and go through it when you can. This means starting with thumbnail sketchingdesigning a full zbrush tutorials for beginners, then turning this into zbrush tutorials for beginners complete 3D character model.

But note it does help if you know a little about ZBrush so you can follow along without too many questions. Premium Tutorials Digital premium courses are worth paying for if you can get real value from them. Learning ZBrush on your own is not easy.

Getting Started with Sculptris Pro

But without paying for a teacher the next best option is to pay for a premium course. I personally like Pluralsight because they have dozens of ZBrush zbrush tutorials for beginners and they offer a free trial where you get access to all these courses at once.

This one is a lot shorter with about 1. Early lessons share info about the tools and UV mapping along with modeling from scratch. Early videos cover some fundamental tools and the differences between polypainting and a map-based workflow.

This mostly works on ZSpheres zbrush tutorials for beginners modeling and you can use it for a number of different scenarios. Check out the ZSketch docs page to learn more and figure out if this video course is right for you.

Best ZBrush Tutorials & Video Courses For Teaching Yourself

I recommend this course for intermediate-level users who know a bit about ZBrush and want to improve their performance time. ZBrush for Mudbox Artists I recently covered a detailed post on the zbrush tutorials for beginners Mudbox courses which really is the best place to start for beginners.

However if you already know Mudbox then you might work towards ZBrush after the fact.

This assumes you already know your way around Mudbox and want to move into ZBrush fast. He uses relevant zbrush tutorials for beginners that most Mudbox artists have come to understand, plus the guided videos are super clear and easy to follow.


Sculpting in ZBrush and Maya Surprisingly this course is a beginner course even though it feels really in-depth. With over 10 years experience artist Kyle Green teaches you how to pose characters from scratch in the ZBrush software.

This course would be most useful for aspiring character designers but also relates to 3D animation and game design. Overall a fantastic course to work through if you just want more practice using ZBrush.

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